About Burung Pipit


Welcome to Burung Pipit!

It’s a place where you will find stuffs I made, handmade.  Some are made by re-used material, like cardboard paper from invitation cards.  Some incorporate natural materials like nutshells, seeds, dried flowers, etc.

You may purchase these stuffs, of course, they are for sale :)

There are stuffs that I display, but not for sale, for some reasons, such as, it is a copied design.

I am thinking about adding a DIY section, where you may purchase the materials and pattern I use to create a design.  Tools excluded, you will have to supply your own.

So now you have an idea about Burung Pipit’s concept: it’s a craft shop, a gallery, and a DIY shop.

One more thing…you may wonder what Burung Pipit is…:)  It’s a bird name in Indonesian, where in bible it is stated we shall not worry about what we eat, because even this little fowl is kept well by God.  So my wish is that Burung Pipit, no matter what it’s size is, will always thrive because God kept it well.

Enjoy your visit at Burung Pipit :)