About Burung Pipit


Welcome to  Burung Pipit!

I am glad you visit, and hope you like Burung Pipit.


At first I intended Burung Pipit to be a craft only website.  However, as time goes by, my interest varies, and I decided to put it all in one website.  As a friend of mine once said, crafting, DIY, and natural way of life are related.   And that is what now Burung Pipit is: a place I share my crafts, my DIY homemade daily need stuff, and gardening.

And about the name of this website, here’s a brief explanation: burung pipit is Indonesian name for sparrow.  A sparrow never sows and never reaps, but it is always provided.  So I hope my Burung Pipit will be taken care of as well as the sparrow is.

Enjoy your visit.

Burung Pipit owner,