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About Burung Pipit


Welcome to  Burung Pipit!

I am glad you visit, and hope you like Burung Pipit.

I have always been fond of making handmade crafts since I was small.  I tried many kind of crafts, but most of them are in the category of either  sewing, paper craft, or dried flower.

I am especially keen on turning scraps into something useful.  I have always liked the idea of recycling, reusing, and re-purposing, so I try to incorporate scraps in every stuff I make.

So now you are here, I hope you enjoy your visit.  Whether you are just browsing, or looking for some inspirations, I hope Burung Pipit has what you are looking for.

PS: burung pipit is Indonesian name for sparrow.  It never sows and never reaps, but it is always provided.  So I hope my Burung Pipit will be taken care of as well as the sparrow.

Burung Pipit owner,


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